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Lok Chumteav Dr. Pech Chanmony Shares 4 Experiences and Experiences for Cambodian Girl Scouts Association to Apply for Life, Study, Work and Daily Living

Phnom Penh÷Lok Chumteav Dr. Pech Chanmony, Commissioner General of the Cambodian Girl Scouts Association, shared her knowledge and experience of 4 powerful points to the members and young women who participated in the program “Meet Sister Chhim”.

Those four points are: 1- Do something good today 2- Build more relationships 3- All work is to teach us 4- Have self-confidence These 4 points are really energetic and a good start  For them, it can be applied for life, study, work and daily life.

Lok Chumteav Dr. Pech Chanmony shared his knowledge, experience and good first time in the program “Meet the Sister Chhem” held in Siem Reap on October 2, 2022 with the participation of the General  More than 200 commissioners, commissioners, leaders, working groups and members of the Cambodian Capital Body Association.

In that program, Lok Chumteav Dr. Pech Chanmony opened the opportunity for members and participants, especially active members of GGAC to get the experience of participating in the program, increase the network (Network) have the opportunity to show courage by asking questions  And best of all, get the important messages you share with them, which is the key to enabling them to take action to build a better future and a better life.  In addition, it encourages the voluntary sharing of support members even more because he saw the real activities of GGAC and saw that the active members really benefited from the association’s programs and really developed them.  Of course.

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