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Dr. Hun Manet continues to ask the traitor Sam Rainsy to bet on political life again

Phnom Penh: His Excellency Dr. Hun Manet asked three generations of traitors Sam Rainsy to bet on political life again to confirm the fact that His Excellency took $ 5 million to buy supporters in France.

On Facebook, on November 16, His Excellency Dr. Hun Manet wrote a message to Sam Rainsy in the following original meaning:

From one fiction to another, never ending. Asked if he is not tired, Mr. Sam Rainsy, you old politician? 😅

The last time Mr. Sam Rainsy attacked me, he said that my degree from the West Point US Military Academy was a double degree in order to attack my ability. When I asked him to bet on his political life, he did not dare to fight because he knew he would lose.

In general, corrupt people only dare to steal and beat them from behind, so they never dare to compete face to face.

After not daring to bet for a while in the case of the two degree cases, suddenly yesterday (November 15, 2022) he came out and fabricated another story and accused me, “In 2016, Mr. Hun Manet swindled 5 million US dollars. The United States came to France to persuade Cambodians living in France and Europe to surrender to the Cambodian People’s Party. Mr. Hun Manet, who wanted to bring a lot of money to his country, secretly in a valises diplomat … ”

Ask again if the old politician who secretly attacked them from behind dared to bet this time.

We bet the same political life: If this is true, I will withdraw from politics for life. But if this is not true, please stop Sam Rainsy’s political activities for life.

How dare you, an old politician who dares to beat a child behind his back?

Sam Rainsy spent decades trying to destroy my father’s political life, but failed. Now Sam Rainsy and his limbs are constantly trying to find every way to kill my political life.
Now I give Sam Rainsy a golden opportunity and you should not give up this opportunity.

If you have clear evidence that this is true, you should dare to bet with me to end my political life 😉 and you can also maintain your personal dignity so that the public does not criticize Sam Rainsy as an old politician. One rain, but the worst because he only steals from behind. Especially because he wanted to destroy the political life of a child (about the age of his child), even lies, Sam Rainsy dared to invent to attack that child without shame.

Please confirm to the public that this case is not difficult to confirm, because if the French police really seized the money, there must be a clear record. And if the money is still kept with the French police as evidence to this day, it is certain that the French police did not steal the case or take the money anywhere.

Let Mr. Sam Rainsy, we bet at once to finish quickly and quickly, black and white, so that the public does not get bored that he is an old man, only to accuse the child again and again, never tired.

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