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Political Apocalypse

There is no such thing as “must be released unconditionally” in the face of the extremist demands of the extremist NGOs and brothels of Sam Rainsy, the exiled rebel leader of the former CNRP.

Instead, US President Joe Biden called on Hun Sen to continue to open up better civil and political rights for the 2023 election, as well as Request for the release of Seng Theary, an American citizen of Khmer descent. This is according to information from the White House, President of the United States.

In my opinion,

1. Prisoner Seng Theary is unlikely to be released. Because it is a violation of Cambodian law, because the case of Apsara Dolphin is under the jurisdiction of the court.

2. Inmate Seng Theary could be released in mediation. But the dolphin could be sent back to serve in the United States and / or be blacklisted without being allowed to return to Cambodia.

As for Kem Sokha, he may be expedited by the court, sentencing and pardoned by the King at the request of the head of the Royal Government, Samdech Hun Sen.

Separately, Mr. Sam Rainsy must continue to wear the air covering the sky in France and cry in front of Mr. Kem Sokha if Mr. Kem Sokha is lucky to return to politics. At that time, Mr. Sam Rainsy will definitely play off-table football alone.

So we are waiting to see what will happen to Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha and Apsara Seng Theary. Who laughs, who cries and who is jealous of gossip, shouting curses before and after the upcoming 2023 general election.

Stevenson, [Deputy Director General of HNA]

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